Finicky Growth

            Read over Exodus 3:1-8. 

            In this passage, Moses chose to go to the bush; he chose to listen to it, and chose to reject what he was told.  In life, we grow one decision at a time.  Growth is not a single, once-and-for-all commitment; growth encompasses decisions over a lifetime. 

            Since growth is a product of individual decisions made every day, growth will never look the same among two people; growth looks different for each of us.  Many mistakenly believe growth should look like a single straight line going ever upward.  Even though people may say life has ups and downs, more rollercoaster than linear progression, still, ultimately, people view growth as something which should be linear (and going up).  In actuality, growth does not go up, it goes forward.  Years can pass, and despite growing times, we might find ourselves not too different from yesteryear.  Christians often feel guilty about this, and struggle with the reality of struggling. 

            Growth is a finicky thing.  If we’re honest, it fluctuates.  Perhaps it might be helpful to view growth in such a manner:  wake up each day planning to give God a commitment level of 60%.  I know, you expected me to say 100%.  However, 100% is perfection, and we are setting ourselves up for disappointment, discouragement, and depression.  So, plan on 60%.  Allow me to illustrate:  some mornings, one wakes up at 73%.  They go to work and their commitment to God goes down to 45%.  They get a pay raise and it shoots up to 92%.  They get home, have a fight with their spouse, and it goes down to 9%.  Then they watch Star Wars and it goes up to 80% (just kidding…or am I?).  Overall, commitment and growth may average around 50 or 60%.  Sure, one strives for 100, wants to give 100, wish they could give 100, but life is not so simple.  This leaves us with a 4th and final growth piece… 

            Growth requires long-term objectives.  God has long-term objectives (His fully established Kingdom is coming, but has not been ushered in full yet).  Likewise, we too should live our lives with long-term objectives.  Sure, our growth and commitment to God will fluctuate and be a finicky thing, but our goal is not just for today…it’s for a Kingdom yet to come.